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Is Biking Safe?
Posted by on May 16, 2012
Posted in: data visualization, transportation

May 2012 is national bike month, so you might notice more folks choosing two wheels as a preferred mode of transit to & from work, school, or shopping. There are all sorts of different factors driving this trend: high gas prices, warmer weather, better infrastructure, and fitness benefits. And it’s not just in Portland. An […]

Technology Tangent
Posted by on May 10, 2012
Posted in: creative community

This should be filed under barely relevant, but pretty interesting. I was recently involved in the judging process for the 39th Student Academy Awards. Among the five compelling films named Western Region Documentary Finalists was one called Love Hacking. It’s the tale of a Mormon robot inventor who uses Skype and Google Earth to aid […]

Dynamic Lifting
Posted by on May 9, 2012
Posted in: construction, dynamic components, software, tips and tricks

After years of consideration and weeks of development, we’re excited to announce the completion of a new, anatomically correct SketchUp model of a Liebherr 200 HC tower crane(!) Developed primarily to improve the accuracy and visual quality of our models, the crane has some key features that’ll speed up our modeling process as well. We […]

Compo Spray
Posted by on May 9, 2012
Posted in: software, tips and tricks

Sketchup users do alright with the tools that come with the program, but I think any experienced modeler will agree that plug-ins can be a huge help in terms of capabilities and work flow. There are approximately a gajillion ruby script plug-ins now available (ok, last time I checked it was 957), and, well, some […]