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Calendar Time
Posted by on September 24, 2013
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Calendars are essential. They help locate us in the endless river of time, casting a net around the slippery fish of now. Their design can be whimsical or humorous, pragmatic or poetic, cute or clever. You’d think we’d have run out of new and interesting ways to present the days of the year, but no. […]

Posted by on September 17, 2013
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I always like to keep my eye out for fun, interesting and/or beautiful things people are doing with maps. Here’s are a few recent examples: Dymaxion Map Contest The Dymaxion map is a style of map invented by Buckminster Fuller that projects the spherical surface of the earth onto the surface of an icosahedron, which […]

Sharing The Mesh
Posted by on September 12, 2013
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In January of this year, the car rental company Avis jumped onto the sharing bandwagon by acquiring ZipCar. This summer, Citi Bike (bikeshare) has finally launched in New York City. The past few years have been big for sharing, or as some brand it, “collaborative consumption.” In September of 2010 two different books were published […]

TriMet Case Settles
Posted by on September 9, 2013
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A few weeks ago, TriMet and its bus manufacturer New Flyer settled a major lawsuit involving “the worst tragedy in Trimet’s history” for $4 million. The case stemmed from a high-profile April 2010 crash in downtown Portland. Five pedestrians were struck by a Trimet bus, killing two young women. The remaining three survived with moderate to severe injuries. Fat Pencil […]

Civic Monument
Posted by on September 4, 2013
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We came across this post on BikePortland, and just had to pass it along: Portland’s $134 million monument to me. It’s by Cathy Hastie, who we know from our involvement with the local chapter of the Women in Transportation Seminar. She might be a little too optimistic about the naming of the Portland Milwaukie Light Rail […]