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Dynamic Components II

Dynamic components are objects in SketchUp that have defined attribute variables. These attributes might be metadata (such as cost or model number), spatial relationships (such as size, position or rotation), and/or behavior (such as visibility or animation). The permutations are controlled by formulas assigned to the component. I wanted to learn more about dynamic components, […]

Dishwasher Wheel
Posted by on June 30, 2014
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This month, I teamed up with Bhaskar Athmanathan for a 3D printing experiment. Our goal was to replace a broken dishwasher wheel by creating a replica based on photographs and measurements. According to Forbes Magazine, the demand for 3D printing is expected to rise 20% every year until 2017. In my opinion, the omni-presence of 3D printing […]

Musical Sketches
Posted by on June 26, 2014
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I do a lot of sketching at work, and I’ve always thought to think of it as a purely visual activity. It’s even the inspiration for our company name: the fat pencil is a traditional tool used by architects to capture ideas on paper quickly, without getting bogged down by the details. But now thanks […]

Staff Profile: Sebastian
Posted by on June 23, 2014
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How I came to work at Fat Pencil Studio: I found out about Fat Pencil Studio after seeing a job advertisement on the internet in Fall 2013. I was just done with my Bachelors in Architecture and the job description and company’s work seemed interesting to me. Throughout my education I was taught to believe […]

Rendering & SketchUp
Posted by on June 5, 2014
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The work we do at Fat Pencil Studio doesn’t generally call for photorealism. Clarity, precision and a certain aesthetic quality can be achieved without ray-tracing or advanced lighting effects, so until recently we haven’t gone to the trouble of using computer rendering software to create more realistic shading in our 3d models. Computer rendering is […]

Staff Profile: Yelena
Posted by on June 2, 2014
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How I came to work at Fat Pencil Studio: I met a woman at the climbing gym who worked at Ford Food + Drink. One day while visiting her at the cafe, I was attracted by a set of presentation boards with a bicycle hub, which happened to be made by Fat Pencil Studio. I […]

Dollhouse Murders
Posted by on June 2, 2014
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I saw this image during a forensic science seminar and couldn’t get it out of my head. Who would build such a thing…and why? So I looked it up, and wow, what a story. Turns out this is just one of 19 miniature crime scenes created in the 1940s by Frances Glessner Lee, a millionaire […]