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Streetscape : SketchUp
Posted by on August 28, 2014
Posted in: creative community, software, tips and tricks, transportation

“Streetscape”, our second SketchUp MeetUp event, will celebrate the powerful role SketchUp plays in shaping our environment. Join us for sunset views of Mount Hood from the offices of GLUMAC, on September 24th from 6-8PM. Presentation Topics & Speakers Doors will open at 6PM for refreshments and networking, and will close when presentations begin at […]

Bridge & Culvert
Posted by on August 11, 2014
Posted in: animation, construction, transportation

From a driver’s perspective, highway construction may seem routine. Lane closures and long delays can drag on for many months. From a contractor’s perspective, the story is far more interesting. Even a simple repaving project can have tricky logistics depending on road conditions and traffic control requirements. So imagine the complexity of building a new […]

By the Power of Powder
Posted by on August 6, 2014
Posted in: animation, creative community, inspiration

Last month’s dishwasher wheel was 3D printed with a process called Fused Deposition Modeling, where a spooled filament is melted to create the contours of an object layer by layer. It’s similar to making a coil pot out of clay. Besides filament, there are other pretty unreal processes for 3D printing, including solidifying a light […]

Mapping Buildings
Posted by on August 5, 2014
Posted in: data visualization, mapping, software

Last week I had the opportunity to try Tableau, data visualization software used to create a wide range of maps and graphics from large data files. For my testing, I decided to use a Portland Buildings Footprints data set downloaded from the CivicApps website. The file includes every building in Portland with specific geographical location […]