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VR Panoramas
Posted by on August 28, 2015
Posted in: interactive, mobile, presentations, software

Photographs and illustrations help bring a story to life in the way text can’t. We use them in every project. Panoramic photos and 3d models give the viewer a better sense for what it’s like to be in a place, but they don’t always translate well to a flat presentation. Recent advancements in mobile technology […]

A Flag Unfurls
Posted by on August 19, 2015
Posted in: creative community, graphic design, inspiration

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Roman Mars and his podcast 99 Percent Invisible. So, when he gave a TED talk earlier this year on city flags and vexillology in general, of course I was all (eyes and) ears. I marveled at Chicago’s beautiful flag and winced at San Francisco’s awkward mess of one (they’re working […]

Balcony Fall
Posted by on August 17, 2015
Posted in: animation, construction, DetailViz, legal, projects

I’ve made a lot of graphics for use in court, but until recently I had never seen them in action. Last month, I traveled to Newport to provide trial support for a case involving a man who fell from a third-story balcony on a rainy, windy night. This was my first time in court, and […]

Unity FPS
Posted by on August 10, 2015
Posted in: animation, interactive, presentations, web

I probably heard about Unity engine a year ago, I was aware of its potential for developing video games and I remember seeing it used for some amazing architectural visualizations. Unity is a software for developing video games and it has the necessary tools and features for simulating an engaging environment (physics, lighting, animations, audio, […]