ADX Panoramic Tour

ADX Panoramic Tour
Posted by on October 14, 2015
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At Fat Pencil Studio we are always excited to add new tools to the array of techniques that we use to visually present information. So when we were offered the challenge of creating a virtual tour of an industrial warehouse this summer, we jumped at the chance.

We knew we would need two things right off the bat: a panoramic camera and some tour-building software. The camera we got is the Ricoh Theta. With the push of single button it captures full 360-degree still images using the device’s dual ultra-wide lens and automatically stitches the two images together. And then we used Panotour Pro by Kolor to assemble the panoramas into a coherent tour.

Once we finished the warehouse project, we were on virtual tour fire, so we teamed up with our favorite captain of (local!) industry, Kelley Roy, and her crew to make a tour of ADX. Having learned much from our previous effort, we were able to capture the 32 photospheres by activating our tripod-mounted Ricoh Theta with a remote shutter app.

Single panorama from Theta camera:

The advanced features of Panotour allowed us to create a fully customized tour, styled to complement ADX’s branding, and rich with additional content such as an intro video and a live calendar link in the lobby. Navigation should be really intuitive for anyone who has ever used Google street view. Click the ADX logo below and check it out!


As part of the project, we also created a safety site map of ADX (click below for a bigger version):


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