BBPDX’s First Birthday

BBPDX's First Birthday
Posted by on February 14, 2018
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Business for a Better Portland—BBPDX for short—is a community-building organization focused on mobilizing local business owners toward positive change. When it was founded about a year ago, Fat Pencil Studio was one of the first businesses to join. Recently, BBPDX celebrated its first birthday with a party for its members, cake and all.

The last event we did with BBPDX was a holiday kit-making party where volunteers gathered to assemble donated goods like hats, gloves, and coffee cards into packages for folks without homes. It was my first exposure to the organization and it left me with a hopeful feeling about the state of the city, not something you often hear.

What I liked about the birthday event was meeting people in different industries who are also storytellers. Everyone I talked to had a personal connection to the community that helped them grow their businesses into what they are today. I met videographers, marketers, software AND real estate developers, and even a tricycle manufacturer. I’m glad Fat Pencil Studio got to make an appearance, and I look forward to more opportunities with BBPDX in the future!

An image of BBPDX's first birthday party.


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