Bridge Box

Bridge Box
Posted by on July 19, 2013
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We have created a cardboard box to keep our new 3D printed model safe! A tight-fitting enclosure was needed to protect the delicate model and allow for easy transport. The first step was to brainstorm the form:

  • What are appropriate materials which don’t distract from the model?
  • Do we want hardware?
  • What are cost-effective options?
  • Can the box also serve as a way to display the model in an aesthetically pleasing way?
  • Is it better to stabilize the model from the base or side?
  • How can the box reflect our company identity and logo?

Beginning with hand sketches, I determined a general direction after gathering feedback to a number of ideas. Next, I played with the proportions in Rhino:

  • Could the lid puzzle into the base of the box?
  • What thicknesses and shapes of foam are necessary?
  • Are the preferred materials available?
  • How can the cardboard sections be glued together accurately?
  • If wire cutting the foam is not an option, how do we create a square edge?

These adventures took me all over town—to the latex mattress guy and back! The cardboard was laser cut by Just Right Engraving. The foam was cut by hand using a printed stencil and a board to stabilize my knife. Voila!

Hand sketches allow for a quick way to consider options

The desired box is rendered in Rhino

We make sure the dimensions fit the model

The flattened lines are exported to Adobe Illustrator

The Illustrator file is laser cut

The box is then glued together

About Yelena

Yelena Prusakova is an illustrator at Fat Pencil Studio.