Civic Monument

Civic Monument
Posted by on September 4, 2013
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We came across this post on BikePortland, and just had to pass it along: Portland’s $134 million monument to me.

It’s by Cathy Hastie, who we know from our involvement with the local chapter of the Women in Transportation Seminar. She might be a little too optimistic about the naming of the Portland Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge (Catherine Hastie Bridge does have a nice ring to it, we admit), but we can certainly understand her excitement. (After all, intern Cody Burchfield toured and modeled the bridge this summer.) And, as a 100% bike commuting office, we definitely appreciate her sentiment that

“…[the bridge] commemorates and celebrates my low-car lifestyle and I am but one of thousands of like-minded Portlanders who dedicate their lives, 15 minutes at a time, to cutting back on greenhouse gases, improving their own health and the health of others, and making ours a more interesting and enjoyable city with their two-wheeled transportation choices. Over 90,000 people here eschew the single-occupancy car as they move themselves from home to workplace. These people are no less than heroes because they are making a difference right now, today. Good intentions are a step in the right direction, but action deserves recognition – big recognition.”

Thanks Cathy!

Yelena on her cross-country bicycle tour in 2012.

Ady on one of Copenhagen's famed bike paths last Fall.

Joshua's Tour de School Dropoff



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