Data Driven Documents

Data Driven Documents
Posted by on March 1, 2012
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Now is a great time for the visualization of data. There are the stunning infographics in Good magazine, the always compelling interactive features in the New York Times, and – of course – there’s ET.

Encouraged by our ever shortening attention spans and craving for information as quickly as possible, the visualization of data is necessary to understand complex relationships in a short amount of time. And, with the increasing accessibility and availability of data online there are ever improving tools to handle this data.

One such tool is d3 (that’s short for ‘Data-Driven Documents’) – a small, but powerful, javascript library built from the ashes of the Protovis project. d3’s developer, Mike Bostock, claims the library is designed for “efficient manipulation of documents based on data.”

From what I’ve seen, this is an accurate description. Though not always obvious (it’s hard for me to imagine a situation where a Force-Directed Graph would help clarify data relationships), the examples are without a doubt stunning to look at and fun to interact with.

Definitely worth sharpening up the javascript skills for.

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