Posted by on April 11, 2013
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We use the Street View feature of Google Maps a lot to make reasonably accurate 3d models of remote locations (i.e., remote from our desks). Usually the views are pretty much what you’d expect, but sometimes funny stuff shows up.

Now there’s a nifty web app called Hyperlapse that assembles this imagery into custom time-lapse videos. It’s pretty cool. You can pick two points on the map, and Hyperlapse quickly (well, it takes a few minutes) makes a little stop-motion movie for your viewing pleasure. You can read more about it and see examples here and here.

Or, if you prefer your virtual sightseeing at the pace of two wheels, there’s Cycleodeo. Like bikes themselves, these movies rely on slightly older technology (ye olde digital video uploaded to YouTube), but they yield a similar effect. So far, Cycleodeo’s scope is limited to the major bike routes through Copenhagen, but it’s definitely worth the trip! cycleodeo

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