Logo Loco

Logo Loco
Posted by on February 7, 2013
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Joshua recently tasked me with designing some company greeting cards to use for thank you notes and official FPS correspondence. It seemed like a pleasant enough assignment, and my plan was to make a simple layout using our logo. But once I got started I discovered a bottomless passion for the formal and compositional possibilities…I couldn’t stop! It turns out our logo is really fun to play with. Using lots of copies, only two colors (grey and orange, of course!), some simple transformations and a healthy variety of blending modes, I came up with these images.

fps-greeting finals10

fps-greeting finals6

fps-greeting finals2

fps-greeting finals5

fps-greeting finals

fps-greeting finals4

fps-greeting finals3

fps-greeting finals7

fps-greeting finals8

fps-greeting finals9

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