Mind the 3D Gaps

Mind the 3D Gaps
Posted by on July 20, 2012
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I think there was some sort of major sporting event in London recently…like something international with a lot of fanfare…anyone know what I’m talking about here? Kidding! So I didn’t follow the Olympics much, but looking at this cool visualization of the the Underground did make me think of all those throngs of sports fans shuttling through the Tube. It’s an engaging combination of 3d modeling and browser-based coding, which results in a spatial diagram that can be navigated using simple pan/zoom mouse action.

To make these models, the author relied on scant 2d documentation (see example below) as well as his own memory and observations of the stations. (Reminds me of how we often use unusual/incomplete information to develop models at FPS!) This is a testament not only to his mental powers and extensive experience with the transit system, but also the lack of accurate (as opposed to diagrammatic–we know the London Underground is famous for that!) information available to the public. While these models may not be completely accurate, it’s an admirable start to an interesting (and potentially very useful) project.

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