Portfolio – View by Industry

  • Multimodal Intersection

    3d base model and diagram of intricate multimodal intersection.

  • Continuous Phasing

    3d logistics diagram showing phasing for proposed streetcar construction.

  • Arts Center Logistics

    A series of rendered images illustrating the proposed logistics approach to the construction of the Beaverton Arts Center.

  • Scaffolding Fall

    A plaintiff was injured in a fall from scaffolding erected at an oil refinery. The ladder was positioned near a "headknocker" obstacle making it difficult to safely access a third-story platform.

  • Site Excavation

    Series of 3d diagrams illustrating the excavation of a contaminated site.

  • Design Review Rendering

    Photo-matched rendering of a proposed multi-family building for a Design Advice Review hearing.

  • Green Design Poster

    Rendered 3d diagrams of green building strategies in a poster layout.

  • Mixed Use Tower

    3d animation showing five stages of construction: demolition, dewatering, excavation, podium, tower.

  • Urban Student Housing

    Construction logistics model for downtown student housing.

  • Prototype Images

    3d modeling supports prototype development for an innovative Kickstarter project.

  • Seattle Streetcar

    The Seattle Streetcar project used SceneViz to resolve aesthetic and safety issues and present the proposed design at public meetings.

  • Willamette River Oil Spill Demo

    Multiple textured 3d models and GIS data combined in Google Earth to illustrate a possible oil spill and response on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.

  • Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge

    Complex and photo-textured 3d model created in Sketchup for Google Earth's "3d Buildings" layer.

  • Oregon Garden Fire Safety Demonstration House

    Renderings and diagrams for interpretive signage at the Oregon Garden Fire Safety Demonstration House.

  • Community College Expansion

    Site model and logistics diagrams for PCC Cascade’s bond projects.

  • Oregon Zoo

    3d diagrams + animation to demonstrate understanding of logistics and phasing of zoo expansion project.

  • Visual Explanations

    Add clarity to your emails, reports and presentations. Learn how to create visual explanations using simple screen capture software.

  • Visual Explanations 2

    Learn how to use make better use of maps and time-lapse animation in your presentations and project documents.

  • Top Ten Products

    Models for Sustainable Industries' Top 10 Green Building Products of 2010.

  • Carpet Samples

    3d model of a small office including furniture layout shows three options for carpet tile design.

  • UO Alumni Center

    Site context model with a series of diagrams illustrates construction phases and options for solar PV panels.

  • Broadway Bridge

    Textured 3d model created for Google Earth's "3d Buildings" layer.

  • Solar Roof Tour

    A short video highlights 750kW of rooftop solar spread over nine Portland schools.

  • Solar Posters

    A series of posters that highlight details of three PV projects ranging in size from 1 to 100kW.

  • Charging Station

    Photo-matched 3d model provides compelling visual description of proposed solar installation.

  • Algae Bioreactor

    Conceptual design of algae manufacturing facility for investor prospectus.

  • West Hills Wind

    Animated simulation of wind turbines in an urban setting.

  • Historic Survey

    Site plans documenting historic building features at 100 Portland Public School properties.

  • Cross Traffic

    Animated vehicles highlight safety concerns with proposed street design.

  • Williams Bikeway

    See proposed roadway design from the perspective of a driver, cyclist, and pedestrian.

  • Anvil Building

    Time-lapse construction of a two-story commercial building.

  • Utility Tunnel

    Logistics and phasing model for urban campus project.

  • Solar Highway

    Photomatched image gives a realistic impression of a proposed solar array along the highway near Wilsonville, OR.

  • Neighborhood Greenways

    A web-based animation for a BikePortland feature demonstrating the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s plan to expand the city’s Neighborhood Greenway network.