13th and Everett

Client Portland City Attorney
[2010] Our SceneViz process allowed witness directed real-time zooming to street level view. An animated tour of key sites related to the case, maps of travel routes, and poster boards were used for courtroom display.
  • Birds-eye views of the scene allow witnesses to identify their vantage point.
  • A digital model with accurate terrain was developed with the help of a site survey. This view shows each survey point as a black cross.
  • Positioning the camera at this vantage point displays the perspective of each witness as they are giving testimony.
  • Photos taken during the incident were used to fine tune the placement of people and vehicles.
  • Objects can be turned on/off to help explain the order in which vehicles arrive at the scene.
  • Maps are better than words for explaining routes, particularly if jurors are not familiar with the area.
  • Providing street views of the route helps jurors understand what officers were seeing during the drive.
  • A simple site plan provides visual explanations that save time and increase comprehension of witness testimony.
  • The animation pauses with a close-up at each location.
  • A Google Earth tour shows key locations to be discussed during trial.