SceneViz by Fat Pencil Studio

SceneViz allows witnesses to tell their story visually with the aid of real-time 3d graphics, helping establish the facts of a case with an impressive degree of clarity and precision.

SceneViz is a powerful, interactive tool that adds a visual dimension to a witness’s story. It allows fact-finders to consider important events from different perspectives, and compare them in ways not possible with verbal descriptions or even photographs. The increased detail and consistency of testimony helps lawyers learn more during deposition and gain advantage in negotiations. If the case goes to trial, the digital 3d model can be used to develop strategy, create exhibits, and supplement opening and closing arguments.

Click below for some examples of SceneViz projects:

Drowning Case

We also offer SceneViz 2d, a fast and effective way to present evidence in motor vehicle and other injury cases.

Unlike more complex projects which require a custom scope of work, SceneViz 2d follows a proven 4-step process:

1. Review available case documents (police reports, depositions, etc.).
2. Create a scaled diagram showing incident location and events.
3. Confirm details during a brief screen-sharing conference call.
4. Deliver compelling graphics to support your case.

The entire process takes just a few days to complete, and is available at a flat rate of $500 per incident. This includes a series of still images or slides that describe circumstances immediately before, during and after the incident. For a small additional charge we can deliver poster boards or a video with voiceover.

Read more about SceneViz 2d here.

We start with an aerial photo of the incident location.

Then we create a simple scaled diagram to remove distractions and indicate traffic conditions.

Incident details are confirmed during a brief screen-sharing conference.

The result is a series of graphics that clearly describe what happened.

Here we see the travelling paths of a truck making a left turn and a pedestrian crossing the street.

A collision occurs in the crosswalk.

The evidence is summarized in a compelling, straightforward manner, leaving no room for confusion or misinterpretation.