SketchUp Basecamp 2016

SketchUp Basecamp 2016
Posted by on July 2, 2016
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Despite being the most widely used 3d-modeling program (35 million unique activations per year) SketchUp has been limited by it’s reliance on the Windows or Mac operating system…until now. Basecamp 2016 saw the unveiling of, a complete 3d modeling environment inside a web browser. The new interface has pop up icons which streamline the toolbar significantly with drawing tools (Arc, Push/Pull, Tape Measure) on the left and windows (Layers, Materials and Scenes) on the right.

Biggest plus: Runs on any modern web browser—hello Chromebooks!
Biggest minus: No ability to set personalized hotkeys (yet).

Pop-up options allow for compact toolbar

Config windows are grouped on right

Another highlight of Basecamp was learning of another option for animating within SketchUp by the plugin powerhouse Fredo6. The Animator plugin uses a timeline interface similar to the After Effects, where translation and rotation commands are objects. Here is my test of the plugin.
In addition to a trip to beautiful Steamboat Springs, Joshua had the pleasure of presenting in two sessions:

Paved with Good Intentions: tips for creating large scale site models without slowing down SketchUp.

Live Design with SketchUp: a demonstration and tips for being successful when modeling in front of a live audience.

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