Staff Profile: Ady

Staff Profile: Ady
Posted by on July 30, 2014
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How I came to work at Fat Pencil Studio:

When I was doing my thesis research in my final year of UO’s Master of Architecture program, my advisor suggested I interview a guy named Joshua Cohen, who had done a similar project for his own thesis four years prior. So I contacted Joshua, we met at a coffee shop, and had an interesting conversation about the nature of public education, the importance of exhibition in connecting students and the greater community, and the pros and cons of working in the field of architecture. Fast forward more than three years, I was in the midst of what I euphemistically called a “recession sabbatical”: working on various creative projects and battling sleep deprivation while caring for my toddler daughter. My band had just put out an album, and I sent a giddy email to my entire contacts list…which happened to still include Joshua. Much to my surprise, he wrote back and asked if I was interested in doing any freelance work for Fat Pencil Studio. In fact I was, and within a week I was hired. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of working on a great variety of projects while expanding my skills in 3d modeling, graphic design, web development and digital problem solving. It’s been exciting and rewarding to be a part of Fat Pencil Studio’s growth as a local leader in technical graphics and visual thinking.

Eight things about me:

Favorite thing about the Ford Building: the huge north-facing windows in our office
Favorite book: The Pale King by David Foster Wallace
Favorite SketchUp tool: section cut
Best trip: six weeks in Vietnam
Favorite public space in Portland: Tanner Springs Park
Last Halloween costume: Peter Pan (my daughter was Tinker Bell)
Last movie I saw: Snowpiercer. Completely out of character for me, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Favorite food: grapefruit.

About Ady

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