Staff Profile: Joshua

Staff Profile: Joshua
Posted by on September 16, 2014
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How Fat Pencil Studio came to be:

It started as a series of freelance gigs back in 2004, creating marketing graphics for Portland area real-estate developers. I started to realize that the visual thinking skills I learned in architecture school could be valuable in a variety of other professions: construction, engineering, manufacturing…even litigation. The real-estate crash of 2008 accelerated the transition into these other fields, and today Fat Pencil Studio enjoys a wide ranging practice in visual thinking and communication.

Eight things about me:

  1. Favorite current sport: Cycling. I just completed my first ever century ride, up to and around the rim of Crater Lake.
  2. Sport I grew up with: Swimming. Best in-pool race: 200 Breaststroke. Most significant open water achievement: Golden Gate Sharkfest Swim.
  3. Favorite Mexican food: Carnitas Burrito @ El Farolito holds a special cholesterol-laden place in my heart, but the Tacototes at Los Gorditos are also quite tasty and more convenient to my current lunchtime locale.
  4. Favorite thing about Ford Building: Every day I open the door to a bright cheery space with 20ft ceilings and huge industrial windows. Our need for electric lighting is limited to 20 days per year.
  5. Favorite Beer: It continues to amaze me that Portland can support so many great craft breweries. Every summer brings new arrivals, and this year’s most notable in my book: Eliot IPA @ Ex Novo Brewing.
  6. Favorite TV Show: At just 3 episodes per season, Sherlock delivers quality over quantity, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.
  7. Recent Books: Reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder series to my five year old daughter has reminded me that instantaneous communication via Internet, phone, even telegraph is a relatively recent phenomenon.
  8. Favorite SketchUp tool: Position Camera, because we can all benefit from a little more perspective.

About Joshua

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