Staff Profile: Sebastian

Staff Profile: Sebastian
Posted by on June 23, 2014
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How I came to work at Fat Pencil Studio:

I found out about Fat Pencil Studio after seeing a job advertisement on the internet in Fall 2013. I was just done with my Bachelors in Architecture and the job description and company’s work seemed interesting to me. Throughout my education I was taught to believe in the importance of clear and engaging graphics; plus I was starting to get really into computer aided design tools like SketchUp, so I was excited about the possibility of developing my skills in that area. I sent my resume and portfolio and I received a call from Joshua later for an interview. I got hired as an illustrator at the end of 2013, and since then I have been involved in very wide range of exciting projects.

Five things about me:

Last book read: No One Writes to the Colonel by the renowned Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who passed away a month ago. I felt bad for only having read one of his books when I was in high school, so I just finished another.

Last movie watched: Her (very weird and futuristic).

Favorite SketchUp tool: After seeing the unnecessary complexity of other 3D modeling programs I have learned to love the humble pen tool.

Favorite sport: football (not American football).

Magazine: (the original spanish version of ArchDaily).

About Sebastian

Sebastian Marticorena was an illustrator at Fat Pencil Studio from 2014-2016. Read more