Streetscape Wrap-up

Streetscape Wrap-up
Posted by on October 6, 2014
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On September 24, we hosted our second SketchUp Meetup at Glumac. As of today, our group has reach 100 members after only two sessions. Thanks MeetUp, online networking isn’t just for dating anymore!

A great turnout of professionals from planning, illustration, architecture, engineering and design came out for the evening. Dug Ketterman, Oliver Kuehne, and Nick Falbo showed off Portland’s serious SketchUp chops. In less than two hours we covered geolocation, styles, and photo matching. We saw skate parks built abroad and street configurations come to life. In addition, artwork from our members gave a sneak peek of what we might see in future MeetUp presentations.

According to a member poll, there is interest in sharing information about plugins, high-resolution exports, and animation. Our trial breakout sessions were effective in providing an opportunity to do live modeling and get specific with techniques and menus.

Below are a few images from Dug Ketterman’s presentation:

Overall it was an honor to meet all of you, I learned a lot and look forward to sharing more tips and tricks. Stay tuned for our Go Pro recording of the event.

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