What we do

Fat Pencil Studio helps you move ideas. You’ve got important information to convey, but it’s hiding in piles of documents. We’ve got the tools to take that technical stuff*, and distill it into a visual presentation that is easily understood by your target audience.

The result might be a logistics diagram, trial exhibit, infographic, or visual simulation—whatever it takes to clearly and effectively communicate your complex narrative and intricate project details.

*e.g., CAD drawings, photos, RFP documents, schedules, maps, surveys, engineering reports, data sets, medical scans, audio/video clips, the list goes on and on. We can even work with those sketches you made on a napkin or in the margins of a meeting agenda.

SceneViz is a unique process that allows people to consider a situation from literally all the angles. Here’s how it works: we develop a digital 3d model of the project or scene, then we help our clients tell their story by manipulating the model in real time. This powerful, interactive tool adds a realistic visual dimension to a proposal or narrative, and results in diagrams or animations that are invaluable in moving a project or case forward. It allows an audience to consider issues or events from different perspectives, and compare them in ways not possible with verbal descriptions, 2d drawings or even photographs. SceneViz can be used for:

Underwater Diver
Witness testimony, strategic planning, trial exhibits
Seattle Streetcar
Project team collaboration and consensus building
Williams Bikeway
Public outreach

A diagram is a graphic that explains rather than represents. There are many types of diagrams, each with unique advantages. Good diagrams—ones that simply and elegantly express complicated information—are our specialty. These fall into several overlapping categories:

Mixed Use Tower
Caliper Brake
Peel-Away Diagram

Data is at its most powerful when it can be visualized. Our mapping capabilities can add 2- and 3-d geographical context to your project in a number of ways from beautifully styled static maps and animated aerial tours to interactive visualizations. We also specialize in organizing unwieldy chronological information into rich, beautiful timelines.

Calendar Time


Using a digital model and photos taken from a site, we can create photo simulations that accurately represent a proposed structure in context. This can help sell an idea or aid viewers in assessing the visual impact of something that doesn’t exist yet. We can also use photogrammetry to reconstruct 3d relationships based on photo or video documentation.

Visual Impact
Visual impact
Highway Wall
Visual impact
Bus Photogrammetry

Animation and motion graphics make it possible to craft a complete visual narrative that highlights context and relationships, illustrates principles at multiple levels of scale, and clearly shows cause and effect. We can also take raw video and enhance, annotate or contextualize it so that the important information it contains comes across effectively.

Train Injury Case
Stop-motion animation
Bus Collision Case
2d Motion graphics
Cross Traffic
3d Flyover

  • Fat Pencil Studio created 3d diagrams that helped us understand what each witness could have seen from their perspective. These were valuable to our team during trial preparation, and proved very convincing to the jury.

    Larry PetersonAttorney at Law

    Fat Pencil Studio created an impressive 3d presentation in a short period of time, which enabled our trial team to highlight key facts in a complex construction defect case.

    Sean GayAttorneyStoel Rives

    Working with Fat Pencil was great. Joshua has a real gift for translating concepts to compelling graphics.

    Alan HickenbottomPresidentTanner Creek Energy

    Fat Pencil Studio did an impressive job on every deliverable, working diligently to meet the project’s tight deadlines, despite frequent and multiple last-minute design changes.

    Katharine BrendleSenior Transportation Project ManagerURS Corporation

    Joshua’s unique background of engineering and architecture allowed a creative and constructive problem solving process that culminated in an end-product far beyond what we could have dreamed of.

    Carl Ivar HolmenCo-FounderBM Energy Group

    The graphics helped communicate our story where words were just not enough.

    Eric H.I. HoffmanOperations ManagerHoffman Construction

    Everyone on the team was mightily impressed with your knowledge, responsiveness, and quick uptake on the details.

    Nanci KlingerAttorneyCity of Portland

    You guys did a fantastic job! Having Jason along for the pre-proposal meeting to see the existing site conditions was imperative to formulating the graphics.

    Blain GroverProject ManagerFortis Construction

    Fat Pencil Studio’s construction industry expertise was valuable at every stage of our project pursuit. They were with us for the initial site visit and all the way through last minute changes during interview prep.

    Matt PearsonVP OperationsLease Crutcher Lewis

    The 3d drawings help all team members identify constructability and logistics challenges.

    Greg WimmerProject ManagerFortis Construction