New Spin on Photo-Matching


We do a fair amount of photo-matching to help people realistically appreciate the impacts and/or consequences of a proposed design. It’s an exacting process that requires one to whittle away at the gaps between real world geometry and ideal geometry, and to compensate for distortion and inconsistency in photography and digital compositing.

Recently, I came across a different kind of photo-matching that made me smile. There’s a guy named Bob Egan in New York City that makes a hobby of tracking down the locations of famous album art photography (he favors vintage Dylan records: I approve!), and then matches the classic images with contemporary shots of the sites. It’s striking how unremarkable the sites are out of their rock-n-roll context, and how much sleuthing (a combination of on-the-ground detective work and scanning Google Maps) is involved with each search. You can see Bob’s own website here.

Ady Leverette was a designer and a principal at Fat Pencil Studio between 2011 and 2018.