Announcing SceneViz

13th-Evrt - View from the patio
How well could you describe an event that you witnessed last week?  What about last year? Retelling a story accurately, without the visual context is challenging. People often understand words differently, leading to confusion or misrepresentation of the facts. Lawyers deal with this challenge frequently, so we have developed a new option for clients to use on important cases. SceneViz is a unique service that allows witnesses to visually explain their memory of an incident. The system can be used during depositions, trial preparation, or even in court. Each witness guides the placement of icons in a digital 3d model, which is custom designed for the case. This approach has two key advantages: 1. Witnesses can explain their story with more detail and consistency. 2. Lawyers can learn more during depositions, and gain negotiating power. With SceneViz it’s easy to create multiple diagrams representing different times or perspectives. Each diagram can be viewed on screen, then printed and marked as an exhibit, in real time. The best way to understand how this works is by watching a brief demonstration video:
Digital models allow perspectives that are not possible with photographs, such as this aerial view of a parking garage and shopping mall entrance. SceneViz runs on any laptop using free software called Google SketchUp. Fat Pencil Studio can set up and operate each presentation, or we can train your staff to do it. We've used both approaches successfully, and are excited to offer this service for widespread use. Do you know anyone who might benefit from using SceneViz for a case? Please feel free to give us a call to learn more.

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