Certified Content Developer


SketchUp has launched a new set of modeling standards for its popular 3D Warehouse. Fat Pencil Studio has passed this SketchUp certification test to become a Certified Content Developer and is now featured on the SketchUp Resource Center page. In addition to setting a baseline for user-friendly models found online, the SketchUp certification training documents many tips for utilizing SketchUp tools. Included are several helpful YouTube videos and step-by-step descriptions.

Here are my top workflow takeaways:

1. I'm a big Paste-In-Placer. Importing models through File > Import is another way to congregate models, however the model needs to be organized differently, containing no final object grouping because in the program code the "file" itself is an empty wrapper.

2. My favorite new hotkey is using Alt to pick the axis of rotation. My second favorite is using C to view in isolation mode. Big time saver right here!

3. I finally understood the difference between component "Name" and "Description" thanks to this guide.

To be listed as a Certified Content Developer SketchUp requires completion of a test, and submission of three models to demonstrate the application of various techniques to reduce polygon count. I modeled this low-poly chair for my submission. The button indents added a nice visual hint to the texture and its material characteristics.


Yelena Prusakova was an illustrator at Fat Pencil Studio from 2013-2017.