The Rise of Collaboration. It’s a theme of the TED Talks. It’s what built Wikipedia. It’s driving social change.

Working together enables us to tackle larger problems, using expertise from a variety disciplines. However, project documentation is often profession-specific, unclear to those of a different background. Enter Fat Pencil Studio. Our staff has the technical expertise needed to quickly understand project details, and create simple, yet compelling visual presentations.

During the past year we’ve helped the City of Seattle visualize a reconfigured Broadway and Jackson Street, along the proposed alignment for the First Hill Streetcar extension. URS (the prime contractor for the project) maintains a library of 2D design drawings in AutoCAD. We converted these to 3D images plus a fly-thru animation for public stakeholder meetings and regulatory filings.

Once the digital 3D model was created, Alta Planning (another member of the project team) was able to use it as a design tool. Each intersection can now be seen from multiple perspectives: driving, cycling, and walking. This allows Alta to identify and address safety issues related to a two-way Cycle Track proposed for the reconfigured street.

A fly-thru animation show all proposed stops along Broadway:

An inspiring TED talk: Cameron Sinclair explains how designers are collaborating to aid disaster stricken communities around the world:

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