Construction Defect


This Fall, I had the opportunity to speak at the 19th Annual Oregon Construction Law Seminar in Portland. I shared the stage with Guy Randles of Stoel Rives, to discuss a few of the cases we've worked on together. One of these is just now making its debut in our portfolio, though it's a few years old. The case involved building envelope problems in a large educational facility. The number of defects was staggering, and a big part of the value in our work was organizing them into a digital 3d model.

Using our unique SceneViz process, we manipulated the model during litigation team meetings to help everyone (attorneys and expert consultants) understand the full scope of the problem. After selecting a list of key issues to highlight at trial, we creating an interactive presentation to tell the story. Here's a video that demonstrates the interface we created, offering navigation through multiple levels of scale, random access to drawings and photos, and a "peel-away" diagram showing building details layer by layer. (We also did a web version of this kind of presentation for a different project.)


Joshua Cohen is a Principal at Fat Pencil Studio