Design Week Was A Blast!


Last month we co-hosted a Design Week open house with our office mates, Manifesto, and it was a hit! Right off the bat we had a huge group of high schoolers from an entrepreneur club come to see the space and discuss careers in design, which set the mood for the evening: busy.

The loose theme of the event was analog media. We had typewriters, Post-It-based data visualizations, postcard writing stations, and a record player banging out some tunes. Our signature cocktail was El Lápiz Gordo (The Fat Pencil) and throughout the event I took Polaroid pictures of people to take home as souvenirs, and got their permission to share them.

Thanks to our shared office situation we got to see a fun cross-section of people at the open house. We found ourselves really enjoying talking to the mixed crowd of designers, entrepreneurs, marketers, videographers, design enthusiasts, and more. We even had some visitors in costume, pre-gaming for another event.

Since we're visual people let’s cut to the chase and look at some pictures!

Photos of photos!

My favorite part was seeing folks interact with the live data visualizations we had set up. It was great to see so many people participating and bonding with each other over their answers. What would your answers have been?

Jannine Hanczarek was a Designer at Fat Pencil Studio from 2017-2020.