Dynamic Lifting

Dynamic Crane

After years of consideration and weeks of development, we’re excited to announce the completion of a new, anatomically correct SketchUp model of a Liebherr 200 HC tower crane(!) Developed primarily to improve the accuracy and visual quality of our models, the crane has some key features that’ll speed up our modeling process as well. We can select the size from a list of commonly used heights and jib lengths, each of which we modeled based on the actual parameters of the crane. We can also define the rotation of the jib and position the hook to where we need it. We've uploaded this model to the 3d warehouse, so feel free to grab a copy and take it for a spin. To properly use the dynamic configuration features, you'll need to place the model using SketchUp's component browser window. If you're not familiar with how to do this, just give as a call to arrange a demo.

Jason Nolin was an illustrator at Fat Pencil Studio from 2010-2013.