Fat Pencil Studio has moved!


Over the last couple months, we’ve spent much of our spare time around the studio planning and prepping for the transition to our new digs. And last Wednesday morning was go time: while Ady and I were away at client meeting, Jannine and Joshua were left to pack up the office. Being the superheroes they are, they had no trouble at all. By the time Ady and I returned, five computers and half a dozen cardboard boxes were ready and waiting to be lugged down a long hallway and four flights of stairs. In the end, we could fit almost the whole business into the back of Joshua’s Acura (people not included). We were at the new office by noon and fully operational again not long after.

After and eventful five years in the Ford Building, we’ve moved further north and east to the Hanna Building. We scouted a few options and were lucky to find our new co-tenants, Manifesto. They’re an inventive and bold branding agency based in Portland and Milwaukee, WI, and are graciously sharing their office, and their Sonos (thanks y’all!). This new phase for the studio has brought with it a lot of fun reflection and a fresh perspective for us all. As the slide toward 2018 begins, we’re excited to keep working on our existing projects and dig in to new ones. In celebration, we will be hosting an open house on the evening of Wednesday, December 6th. RSVP with this link, and stop by for a drink and snack – we look forward to giving you a tour of the new studio!

Yana Stannik was a Designer and Senior Designer at Fat Pencil Studio from 2017-2022.