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Fat Pencils

Imagine a trial exhibit. The mind naturally trends toward digital vector-based media: hard lines, defined polygons, bold colors, and familiar icons. Our approach at Fat Pencil is somewhat different: we harness the iterative, the investigative, and the instructional, employing a wide range of visual techniques (e.g., 3d models, maps, timelines, video, animation) to discover the story that is unique to your case. Our methods may be unusual for legal demonstratives, but we rely on the same digital tools as most other modern design firms. In a world of rapidly advancing technology, is there reason to pursue anything else?

Absolutely. Hand drawn images can enhance the nature and notions of legal presentations by personalizing objects and scenes with nuanced levels of desired detail, espousing a commitment to the narrative of the case and emblematizing a core touch of humanity: it is not a reversion of capability but a reverence for candor. Custom illustrative work has the power to evoke concepts and capture emotions unavailable in stock imagery. An artist's rendering cannot supplant evidence or determine facts, but it can assume your preferred framework for evaluating a case and help to more effectively tell your client's story. Here are a few examples:

May Gossett was a Designer at Fat Pencil Studio from 2021-2024