Google is out to model the world. We’re here to help. Whether for sightseeing, research, or visualization, Google Earth has become an indispensable geographical tool. It brings together streets, terrain, buildings, street-level views, and now even trees, in a single window. At Fat Pencil Studio, we use it daily. This virtual earth wasn’t built in a day, though, or by a single effort.  It is an on-going project organically created by thousands of independent Google Earth users and developers - including Fat Pencil Studio.  Our additions to Portland’s virtual landscape include:
Staking your digital claim
A model approved for Google Earth includes a description for users to see when clicking the building or structure. This description is becoming ever more important as people consume more location-aware information - at home and on their mobile devices. Do your projects show up in 3d on Google Earth? Contact us at 503-465-4533 to learn more.

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