Lilypad Tiny House


The tiny house movement is, in fact, not so tiny, with millions of people either living in less than 400 sf or actively dreaming about doing so. Besides being adorable, what are the benefits of a tiny house? A tiny house allows you to live more simply, cheaply and have a lower environmental impact. There are several varieties of tiny house, but a typical one fits on an 8' 6" x 20' trailer bed, with a maximum height of 13' 6" (including the wheelbase). Clearly, it is no small design challenge to accommodate the daily functions of a person in such a diminutive footprint. But our friend and former Ford Building comrade, Lina Menard, is a pro at it. She approached us recently to create some presentation drawings of her design for the Lilypad House. It's a clever and elegant design that manages to yield five rooms in one tiny house. By what magic? Well, it helped (a lot) that the owner of the Lilypad House is only 5'0" tall, so she is able to live comfortably with uncommonly low ceilings. But as these drawings show, it's possible to do quite a lot in a tiny house—work, lounge, sleep, bathe, and cook! Check out our set of drawings below, and visit the Lilypad House website to see photos of the finished project.

Ady Leverette was a designer and a principal at Fat Pencil Studio between 2011 and 2018.