SceneViz for Collaboration

Seattle Streetcar SceneViz video The Seattle Streetcar project team used SceneViz to visualize streetscape plans and discuss design and safety issues with stakeholders.
  13th & Everett video
This SceneViz presentation was designed for use in a courtroom. Witnesses can select a location, zoom to a street-level view, and then use the resulting diagram to better explain their memory of the incident.
North Williams video
This animation was used at a public meeting to help stakeholders compare existing street conditions to one of several design alternatives under consideration.
No man is an island. And Rome wasn’t built in a day. We all know that real-world accomplishments are achieved through collaboration.

Increasingly, projects require collaboration across professional disciplines and amongst a variety of stakeholders. Effective communication with all members of a project team is essential to establish buy-in and drive informed, effective decisions. Sure, you can mail out files, present a slideshow, and follow up with a survey, but that dreaded feeling can linger... did something get missed?

Let Fat Pencil Studio put your mind at ease. We have a well-honed process called SceneViz that increases the depth and quality of collaboration, using a digital 3d model of your project that can be manipulated in real time. When stakeholders see the real-world implications of their ideas on screen, it sets up “Aha!” moments that make a project successful.
A Three-Step Process
  1. First, we work with you to understand the project, problems, considerations and team member backgrounds.
  2. Then we build the digital model at a level of detail appropriate to the project, with preset scenes to facilitate navigation and illustrate multiple scenarios.
  3. The result is a rich, interactive visual tool that can be used throughout the life of your project to present ideas, address concerns, answer questions and record outcomes.
We have used this process in situations ranging from public meetings to courtrooms to conference calls. It works equally well in person or remotely, and uses open-source technologies freely available to anyone with a computer. If you’d like to see a demonstration of SceneViz in action, please give us a call at 503.465.4533.

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