TV Interview


As a kid, I imagined that "being on TV" would involve walking into a big studio with lots of cameras, sitting on a couch and talking with the show host about something extraordinary. My first shot at the real thing was kind of like that... with one exception. I was sitting at home on my own couch and talking to the show host via Skype.

Last month I was invited to join "America's digital goddess" Kim Komando on her tech-focused TV and radio show. Virtual reality is one of Kim's interests, and she heard about Fat Pencil Studio's work after reading a case-study on the SketchUp Blog. I was happy to have another opportunity to explain how we are using SketchUp and The Wild to help attorneys develop compelling visual stories using immersive virtual reality. I enjoyed talking with Kim, and her staff did a great job adding relevant images and video clips into the finished interview. Check it out!


Joshua Cohen is a Principal at Fat Pencil Studio