Unity FPS

Unity FPS

I probably heard about Unity engine a year ago, I was aware of its potential for developing video games and I remember seeing it used for some amazing architectural visualizations. Unity is a software for developing video games and it has the necessary tools and features for simulating an engaging environment (physics, lighting, animations, audio, etc). Therefore, is not strange to see why some other people outside the game industry have given it another use like architects and/or designers. Check out this cool video that features different type of uses of Unity outside the game industry.

Considering that this is a fully functional and free product, I wanted to give Unity a try and see how it might be useful for Fat Pencil Studio. I imagine being able to create a walkthrough of a 3d model, taking the first person perspective further than is possible using SketchUp alone. Unity allows for more realistic lighting, material quality, sounds, and interaction. All of this takes some doing and I was not intending to become a game developer overnight. Luckily the large online community of Unity users helps any newbie like me to be able to create "a sort of a game" with the help of tutorials and pre-made (already scripted) components like the one I use for this example.

So here you have a basic version of our model with the settings of a First Person Shooter Game. Click the Unity logo below to be redirected to our model. You'll need to use a supported browser (such as Firefox or Safari) and install the free Unity plug-in. You can navigate the model using the arrow keys or W,S,A,D and the mouse. You can also run holding SHIFT while moving and jump pressing the SPACE bar key.(Note: if you fell off the model limits the game is pretty much done) Have fun!


Sebastian Marticorena was an illustrator at Fat Pencil Studio from 2014-2016.