VR Maiden Voyage


The Oregon Trial Lawyers Association just had its annual convention this past weekend in beautiful Ashland, Oregon, where we got to do an on-the-road demo of our new VR equipment. Joshua was in Ashland with two Oculus Quest headsets, and I was here at the Portland office, interacting with folks in our own virtual studio.

The tool we're using to do all this is an app called The Wild, which we've mentioned before. What's great about this app is that I can "walk right up" to someone in a headset and show them how to use the tools as if I were standing next to them. We can talk and interact with each other and with the model (from different cities) in real time.

Overall, the reaction from participants was positive. One of the spaces people got to step into was an oil refinery scaffolding structure where a worker was injured trying to climb down a ladder. It's a case we've chronicled in our blog before. We were able to navigate to precisely the place where the worker lost his grip, letting the model speak for itself.


Explaining the controls to a conference-goer in Ashland.

Jannine Hanczarek was a Designer at Fat Pencil Studio from 2017-2020.