Wave Energy

View from a boat (range = 0.5mi)

Oregon looks poised to green light plans to build wave energy parks in four locations off the Pacific Coast. The Oregon Territorial Sea Plan, which is due for a vote this week in Salem, strikes a balance between the desire to develop new sources of renewable energy and real concerns about impacts on wildlife and the visual environment. Working for the Oregon Wave Energy Trust, Fat Pencil Studio created a series of simulated photos to help stakeholders visualize a wave energy park from several vantage points. The simulation assumes that ten OPT-150 buoys, spaced 100 meters apart, are installed two miles off the coast.

To create the images, we modeled the 30 foot tall portion of the buoy that floats above the surface and then matched the 3d model perspective to several images licensed from iStockPhoto. When viewed from shore, the buoys are tiny, but definitely visible on a clear day.


Joshua Cohen is a Principal at Fat Pencil Studio