Welcome, Billy!


BILLY LOPEZ grew up in the Japantown neighborhood of San Jose, CA and moved to Portland in Summer of 2020, joining Fat Pencil in 2022. He initially studied mechanical engineering at San Jose State University but pivoted and went on to pursue art; he graduated with a B.A.S. in Animation and Visual Effects from SAE Institute in 2017 with a deep focus in 3D, VFX, and photography skills. His past work has ranged from producing science fiction series and horror films to WWII documentaries and corporate communications. In his free time, Billy enjoys tinkering in his garage, making short films, and exploring the Pacific Northwest wilderness with his camera. He brings to the studio his experience in video editing, CG development, and motion design.

A few things about Billy:

  • Recent Favorite Media:
    • Book: Horrorstör
    • Series: Stranger Things
    • Movie: The Bob’s Burgers Movie; Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Favorite Food: tacos; donuts; ice cream
  • Dream Vacation: Bali; Finland; somewhere with unfamiliar landscapes
  • Thing He’s Weirdly Passionate About: packaging/presentation; mechanics; cinema
  • Recently Acquired Hobby: digital plein air painting; sticker making
  • Favorite Past Halloween Costume: Boxtrolls - Matches

Alexandra Friedman is a Designer at Fat Pencil Studio