Welcome Joel


Joel Newman graduated with a Fine Arts degree from Lewis and Clark College in 2009. He spent the next 6 years traveling and working at bike shops in Eugene, Utah, and Portland. In 2015 he returned to school to complete a grad degree in design from Pacific North West College of Art. There he focused on design thinking and strategy. Joel brings his passion for using visual design to explain complex systems and data to the Fat Pencil Studio team.

7 things about Joel:

  • Favorite non computer related hobby: being outside - his longest backpacking trip was 10 days in Alberta
  • Last Halloween Costume: Butch Cassidy (his girlfriend was the Sundance Kid)
  • Favorite Vacation: A bike tour through the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida ~1000 miles in 20 days
  • Aspirations for 2019: Complete construction on his tiny house
  • Mountains or Beach: Mountains for sure (backpacking and skiing)
  • Best thing so far in 2019: Turning on the electricity in his tiny house
  • Favorite thing to cook: Lasagna

Jazzy Winston was a Visual Designer at Fat Pencil Studio from 2019-2021.