Welcome, Kenneth!


Kenneth Zapata earned his architecture degree from Woodbury University in his native Southern California in 2014. After graduation, he worked for architecture firms in Los Angeles designing residences, restaurants, and retail spaces. Seeking a new environment, Kenneth moved up to Portland in late 2019 and he joined the Fat Pencil team in summer 2021. He brings with him experience in 3D modeling, illustration, and a detailed understanding of the built environment.

6 things about Kenneth:

  • Best trip he’s taken: Vienna, Paris, Brussels, and Rotterdam in 2 weeks
  • His go-to design software: Adobe Photoshop
  • His favorite Portland public space: Cathedral Park
  • His favorite podcast: 99% Invisible
  • New to his life since the pandemic: Pets! Hedgehog Joni and border collie mix Kershaw
  • Media he’s recently consumed and recommends: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and graphic novel March

Yana Stannik was a Designer and Senior Designer at Fat Pencil Studio from 2017-2022.