Welcome, Megan!


Megan Gossett recently moved to Portland in December of 2020. She joined the Fat Pencil team in fall 2021. She earned her BFA graduate at the University of West Florida in 2019 with an AA in Engineering from Northwest Florida State College in 2016.

While always having an interest in physics, computer science, and engineering, she yielded an academic career in the arts after a professor instructed to her to go, paint. Megan’s paintings have been exhibited in several galleries around the US. She has an upcoming solo exhibition at Guardino Gallery in Portland from January 27th, 2022. She comes to the studio with experience in video editing, coding, writing, and an idiosyncratic perspective to the visual arts.

A few things about Megan:

  • Go-to medium: Oil paint
  • Dream trip: Japan, her first attempt to visit was derailed by the pandemic
  • Favorite Portland Public Space: Laurelhurst Park
  • YouTube channel(s) playing in the background whilst painting: physics, metaphysics, world science, videogame analysis, Drawfee
  • New to her life since the pandemic: Moving to Portland and teaching art
  • Media she’s recently consumed and recommends: The Wheel of Time high fantasy novels (soon to be a show?!?), Dune (favorite movie all-time, yes, the one that just came out), Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly
  • Favorite past Halloween costume: Link from A Legend of Zelda

Kenneth Zapata is a Designer at Fat Pencil Studio