Welcome Yana!


We are excited to announce that Yana Stannik has joined as the 5th member of our growing team here at Fat Pencil Studio! She graduated from the University of Oregon in 2016 and moved to Portland shortly thereafter. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Yana earned her degree in architecture, with emphases in planning, preservation, and sustainability. With her she brings skills in 3D modeling, graphic design, and data visualization. In her spare time, Yana likes to hike, thrift, and get lost in thought on public transit.

6 things about Yana:

  • Favorite Creative Cloud program: Illustrator
  • Favorite Portland celebrity: Nora
  • Favorite Northwest trip: a week of camping and historic barn restoration in eastern Idaho
  • Currently bingeing: 30+ podcasts
  • Aspirational hobby: paddle boarding
  • What keeps her on the couch too late at night: rewatching The West Wing

Jannine Hanczarek was a Designer at Fat Pencil Studio from 2017-2020.