Continuous Phasing


Anyone familiar with our work knows we have made a lot of construction logistics diagrams. So when Stacy and Witbeck asked us to take a different approach in describing their planned phasing for the construction of a new streetcar line in Tempe, AZ, we were excited to try something new. Instead of showing five phases in a series of five images, we created a single image showing the five phases continuously, left to right. It's a clever concept that allows the whole project to be seen at a glance, and also conveys an unmistakeable sense of progress toward completion. A restrained color palette allows for a lot of information to be presented without the image feeling busy. The primary issues that our client wanted to address were pedestrian safety, traffic patterns, and continuous access to adjacent businesses. They were successful in doing so, and ended up winning the project!

Here are some details from the image above:

Ady Leverette was a designer and a principal at Fat Pencil Studio between 2011 and 2018.