FoodCorps Fabrication

ACT_FoodCorps_ (3) Rev

In the old tile building on 7th and Salmon, several companies have reclaimed the light-filled office spaces. FoodCorps, a national nonprofit whose headquarters are based in Portland, can be found behind the larger window-clad facade. Their interior layout is based on their educational mission: the idea of a classroom with a large common area surrounded by several conference rooms. I (a.k.a., Wingspan Design) was commissioned to build several of their displays by Atelier Cho Thompson, and we collaborated on the creation of a wall-mounted pegboard and a hardwood sign. The pegboard was a tactile "home-screen," and held a dynamic shelving system for displaying photos, plants, and iconography. (Photos below and at top of post by Marble Rye Photography.)

During several virtual "fit" tests, SketchUp came in handy in resolving tricky fabrication questions and helped me communicate with my clients, and CNC and laser technicians. Typically I use the digital visualization process alongside physical prototyping when I can't grasp how something will look en masse. Take a look at at the images below:

(Photos above by Sebastian Dirringer.)

Using a combination of programs and tests I sorted out the details of this project: the hole pattern needed to be neither too dense nor too sparse; the holes needed to flow between the panels in such a way that smaller display boards could be mounted seamlessly; the holes had to be the perfect size so a dowel so it would fit snug. Next I used a similar process to produce a CNC cut sign for FoodCorps.

Yelena Prusakova was an illustrator at Fat Pencil Studio from 2013-2017.