Who we are

Fat Pencil Studio was founded in 2004, with the idea that the world could use a little more perspective.

Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of clients in a variety of fields study problems and communicate ideas using visual tools. Our staff is a team of smart, creative people with architecture / collaborative design degrees and a shared passion for crafting compelling visual stories.

What do a bunch of architecture grads have to offer you?

Consider for a moment that building a case is like building a building. It requires the coordinated effort of many experts led by a strong vision of what could be. The attorney is like the architect, who analyzes the project’s design parameters and comes up with a detailed plan to achieve the best outcome for the client. In order to execute the plan, she leads a formidable team of skilled professionals, and crafts many solutions along the way.

Now consider that building a building is like building a case. Architecture, like advocacy, can be understood as an argument: a bold assertion that, given the constraints (of site, budget, regulations, etc.), this is how we should occupy space. Similarly, legal arguments are bold assertions that, given the constraints (a.k.a., the statues and the evidence), this is how we should understand a case.

An architect would never dream of undertaking a project without an array of visual tools at her disposal. We don’t think a lawyer should either.