It all starts at the scene of the crime.


All too often, the details of a crime scene are left up to the imagination: there might be photos, a crude diagram or two, and verbal accounts of what happened, but that’s not enough. In order to really understand physical context of a crime, it’s critical to visualize it in 3d.

This practice dates back to the 1940s when detailed physical models were used to train detectives. These days, there's really no excuse not to create accurate digital models for active cases.

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Visual tools are your secret weapon.

You might think of such images as a nice “extra” for trial: pretty pictures to help convince a jury to go along with your story. Our experience is that the real value of 3d visualization is unlocked when it is used to provide a framework for interpreting details, testing theories, validating witness accounts, and discussing strategy. A 3d model is a powerful tool that can definitively answer questions like “what could she see from her location?” or “what if he was holding the gun in the other hand?” Once you've examined key issues from all the angles, you've got the basis for a visual story that is more compelling than words could ever be.

James Comstock

An aggravated murder case hinged on what a particular witness could have seen, and Fat Pencil's work was instrumental in helping achieve a good outcome for our client.

James Comstock, Insight Legal Investigation

Visual tools can also be a huge asset to investigators who need to make sense of unwieldy data or compile it into a comprehensible format. We can do a lot to make sense of video that may have been gathered from the scene. At the post-conviction relief phase, visuals help convey the complex circumstances that change a life.

I just want to thank you again for the excellent service and results from your team in this case. It has, again, been very fulfilling to work with a group of highly responsive and creative professionals. We look forward to the next engagement.

Defense Investigator