Happy New Year!


It's 2014! The adolescence of the Millennium is fully underway...

In honor of the New Year, we made a calendar for your amusement and edification. The days are arrayed in my favorite continuous vertical grid format, with each cell color-coded according to the average daily high temperature for Portland, Oregon. Typical weekly rainfall is plotted to the right, and full moons are indicated on the dates on which they occur. There are a few interesting things to note. For one thing, Portlanders' annual gripes about how long they have to wait for summer seem justified: peak temperatures don't occur until well after the mid-point of the year. Furthermore, weather-wise it looks like fall is a lot shorter than spring (the colors move more quickly from orange to blue October-December). And, bad news for all you romantics out there: no blue moons in 2014.

On the left side of the calendar, we have a selection of events curated by our staff ranging from the cosmic to the corporeal, the familial to the fanatical. If you'd like to print your own, click here. Enjoy!


Ady Leverette was a designer and a principal at Fat Pencil Studio between 2011 and 2018.