Welcome, Alex!


ALEXANDRA FRIEDMAN is from St. Petersburg, Russia and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. She joined Fat Pencil in 2022 after working as a set designer for stop-motion films like Missing Link and Pinocchio (to be released in December 2022!) in the Portland area since 2016. Alex holds a BA in Theater Arts and English Language & Literature from Brandeis University and an MFA in Design for Performance, specifically scenic and costume design, from the California Institute of the Arts. In her free time, Alex enjoys hiking with her dog, painting, reading, and traveling. She brings to the studio her experience in collaborative problem-solving, as well as 3D modeling and illustration.

  • Recent Favorite Media:
  • Favorite Food: Thai and Indian curries; fried chicken sandwiches; ice cream
  • Dream Vacation: Japan; Iceland; hiking through the UK
  • Thing She’s Weirdly Passionate About: the superiority of wool socks; eating all the local, seasonal produce she can during the summer; good infographics/signage
  • Recently Acquired Hobby: birding; linocut printing
  • Favorite Past Halloween Costume: Bob Ross

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