Well Branded

blog-jason - brands-1890
We at FPS keep a sharp eye out for interesting symbols and icons. During a recent trip to Eastern Oregon, immersed in the quiet, natural landscape, I noticed the strong and interesting logo of Arrowhead Chocolates, a small chocolatier and cafe. The owner explained that the logo is actually the family brand from their old ranching days; a real brand, burned on the hides of their cattle. What an exciting concept: each rancher creating a distinctive symbol that can be shaped - using the somewhat primitive tools available 150 years ago - into an iron and marked on their livestock. There are catalogs of these brands, published so ranchers can keep track of their own. Here’s a classic from 1890, from which I stole the featured image above. I noticed a few more brands during the trip, proudly displayed on the buildings of their respective ranches - though none on actual animals, un(?)fortunately. Sure: it feels like a throwback to old times, but it also gives a healthy respect for the term ‘brand’.

Jason Nolin was an illustrator at Fat Pencil Studio from 2010-2013.